Ceramic Dental Braces near Jakkur, Bangalore

Ceramic Dental Braces

Ceramic Dental Braces near Jakkur, Bangalore

Orthodontics with ceramic braces refers to an orthodontic technique with white ceramic external attachments. At Dr. Krithika M Jayaram’s Orthodontic clinic, we also use white wires, so that the treatment is as discreet as possible. This technique has the following advantages:

The devices are very discreet. In contrast to external metal braces, ceramic braces with white wire can go completely unnoticed in most situations. This allows patients, whether children or adults, to continue their daily activities without any constraints, discomfort or derogatory remarks. This is an essential element in both private and professional life.

Ceramic Dental Braces

Ceramic Dental Braces near Jakkur, Bangalore

This is a less expensive technique than lingual braces. The so-called mixed lingual technique, which combines external ceramic bands with white wire at the bottom and lingual bands at the top, can also be an interesting alternative, a little more expensive but even more discreet.

It is a technique that can be used in 100% of cases, both in adults and children. Ceramic band treatments with white wire are similar in every way to traditional external band treatments and are therefore feasible in all types of situations and at all ages.

Thanks to its discretion and low cost, this method of orthodontics appeals to a wide audience, both adults and children.

We also offer our patients a “mixed lingual” orthodontic treatment, which combines lingual braces on top with external ceramic braces on the bottom. This treatment is a little more expensive but is even more discreet since the ceramic bands and the white wire are largely hidden by the lower lip.

Dental Braces Treatment near Jakkur, Bangalore

 How the treatment works in detail

The two essential elements of a ceramic orthodontic treatment are the brackets and the wires:

  • The braces are bonded to the teeth, allowing them to grip the teeth.
  • Orthodontic wires are the active element. They are usually shaped like a parabola, which corresponds to the shape of the dental arch.

Ceramic By Dr. Krithika M Jayaram for adults

The Ceramic by Dr. Krithika treatment is perfectly suited for adults: it is an effective, discreet treatment that is suitable for everyday life, both in the professional and personal context.


  • It is a very discreet treatment; the braces and wires go unnoticed.


  • Once the braces are on, they do not require any particular maintenance. You just have to respect the authorized food and have perfect dental hygiene.

Ceramics by Dr. Krithika M Jayaram for children and teenagers

Invisalign orthodontist near Jakkur, Bangalore

Dr. Krithika treats many children and adolescents who want to have discreet treatment with ceramic braces with white wire. Ceramic braces can be combined with early treatment devices such as a circuit breaker or Herbst. Contact him today to know more about Ceramic Dental Braces

The first visit to the orthodontist should take place between the ages of 6 and 7, when the first molars arrive on the arch. It is perfectly useless to intervene before that. Some parents benevolently say that the earlier you intervene, the less chance there is for a dental disorder to set in. This saying is only partially true.

Cost of Invisalign near Jakkur, Bangalore

Intervening before the teeth have grown in at age 6 only makes the child’s treatment take longer.

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