The Time Factor in Invisalign® Treatment

The Time Factor in Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign® is a clear aligner used in orthodontic treatment to move teeth into their proper position gently. It is used to correct misaligned bites, crowding, and teeth gaps.

The treatment time while using Invisalign is an average of 12-18 months.

Your dentist creates a 3D computerized model of your teeth that is used to plan the aligners. A series of aligners are designed to move the misaligned teeth in stages. Each aligner moves the teeth up to 0.2mm in two weeks. It is exchanged for the next aligner in the series until the desired results are achieved.

4 Factors Affecting The Length Of Invisalign Treatment

4 Factors Affecting The Length Of Invisalign Treatment

  •  Follow-up with the specialist

Skipping scheduled appointments with your specialist will make your treatment longer since the Invisalign trays are switched for new ones during each visit.

  • Commitment to the treatment plan

These aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours per day and removed only when eating, drinking, or cleaning. Most people find it hard to keep the aligners in place for these hours and take them out longer than necessary. The treatment will take longer in such cases.

  • The distance

Teeth that need to be moved a significant distance will take more time to treat than those that need to be slightly shifted.

  • The type of occlusion

Invisalign is used to treat issues like misaligned bites, spacing, or crowding. All these issues vary in complexity and will have different time estimates for the desired results to manifest.

So after reading this you have understood the 4 factors affecting the length of Invisalign treatment. Looking for the best dentist in Bangalore? Contact us today for the best Invisalign treatment in Bangalore.

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