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The Benefits of Braces

The Benefits of Braces It does not matter what age you are, depending on what is going there are many different reasons and benefits as to why you should get braces. You may need a limited treatment, something quick, or something more intrusive. Help prevent tooth decay and cavities. Fix bite, early intervention, crossbite Self-esteem […]
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What is a Crossbite and How is it Fixed? PART 2

Does a Crossbite Require Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment? Sometimes, a severe posterior crossbite does require interceptive orthodontic treatment, also called phase 1 orthodontic treatment. Dr. Krithika M Jayaram- your best orthodontist in Bangalore has consistently achieved excellent results with one phase of orthodontic treatment. However, there are cases where, during phase 1 treatment, Dr. Krithika M Jayaram- your […]
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What is a Rapid Palatal Expander? PART 1

What is a Rapid Palatal Expander? A rapid palatal expander (RPE) is a common orthodontic appliance used in phase 1 orthodontic treatment or comprehensive treatment with expansion. The maxilla (the bone of the upper jaw) is made up of two pieces that do not fuse together until the mid-teenage years. A palatal expander uses gentle pressure to separate the […]
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What is a Crossbite and How is it Fixed? PART 1

What is a Crossbite? Normally, your upper teeth overlap on the outside of the lower teeth when you close your jaws together. When you have a crossbite, however, one or more of your upper teeth bite inside of your lower teeth. A crossbite can involve several teeth or a single tooth and it can occur […]
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TheTooth Fairy Truth

Is The Tooth Fairy Real? Around the World: How Other Cultures Celebrate the Tooth Fairy Burying the Tooth – Kids in Afghanistan bury lost teeth in a mouse hole, while parents in Turkey bury their children’s baby teeth in a place they think will bring their child success. When American kids begin losing their baby teeth they […]
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6 Tips for Preventing Receding Gums

How to prevent receding gums? Gum recession is a common dental issue. Poor oral health can cause gums to pull back and form pockets between the tooth and gum. These gaps then fill with bacteria, which affects the bone and tissue. If untreated, gum recession can lead to severe pain and tooth loss. In addition […]
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How To Give Your Gum Health A Much Needed Boost?

How to Keep Your Gums Healthy? Our best defense against gum disease is proper dental hygiene. This involves practicing good habits at home and visiting your dentist twice a year. In this article, we will discuss the ways to combat gum disease. Good Brushing Techniques You should brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing is […]
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Closure Of Gaps Between Teeth

How to fill the gap between teeth? A gap between teeth that is midline diastema is one of the most common oral problems. Many people have gaps especially in their front teeth thus, making an individual conscious about his/her appearance. To overcome this, aesthetic dentistry comes to play. A conventional approach includes bonding a tooth-colored […]
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Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

When to remove wisdom teeth? Pain in the back of the mouth Experiencing sporadic or persistent pain at the back of your mouth is one of the most common symptoms caused by erupting wisdom teeth. Inflamed gums When your wisdom teeth start to erupt from your gums, it can cause your gums to become swollen […]
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3 Reasons To Take Your Dental Health Seriously

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Dental Health? Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Dental Health? The following 3 reasons explain why it is so important to maintain good oral health: Heart Attack/Stroke/Cardiovascular Health Studies indicate that those with periodontal disease are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack or sustain heart disease, and three times more likely […]
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