How Bad Oral Hygiene Can Lead to Oral Cancer

How Bad Oral Hygiene Can Lead to Oral Cancer

Symptoms and Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

can bad dental hygiene cause cancer

Can bad dental hygiene cause cancer?

Symptoms of oral cancers can often look or feel like other diseases or conditions of the mouth, lips, and throat. The most common symptoms of oral cancer are a sore that doesn’t heal or a lump that doesn’t go away. Some other symptoms that may be signs of oral cancer are unexplained chronic mouth pain and pain in the teeth or jaw, loose teeth, white or red patches in the mouth or throat area, problems with swallowing or chewing, a lump in the neck, or chronic bad breath.

Study Links Bad Oral Hygiene with Higher Oral Cancer Risk

In a recent case study, the results showed that poor oral hygiene was associated with a much higher risk factor for oral cancer. The group with the highest chance of getting oral cancer was individuals that not only had poor oral hygiene but were also users of chewing tobacco.

The conclusion of the case study stated that having a good oral hygiene routine significantly helped reduce the risk of getting oral cancer.

The study also concluded that other risk factors for developing oral cancers were using tobacco products and a poor diet. In addition to good oral hygiene habits, the case study mentioned quitting smoking, not using chewing tobacco, limiting alcohol use, and eating a well-balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables were the best ways to greatly lower the chance of getting oral cancer.

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