Dental Fillings in Kalyan Nagar

Dental Fillings in Kalyan Nagar

Dental Fillings in Kalyan Nagar

Restorative treatment or dental fillings in Kalyan Nagar can help prevent further damage and preserve your natural teeth. Dental fillings are often used to repair minimal tooth fractures, tooth decay, or damaged surfaces of the teeth for better biting or chewing. Those with tooth sensitivity will notice a significant improvement post-dental fillings.

Dental Fillings and Restorations are minimally invasive procedures to improve the overall function and aesthetics of your teeth. At Quintessence Family Dentistry we aim to use the least invasive options whenever possible. Using the latest adhesive technologies, techniques and materials we are often able to avoid major dental surgery whilst still achieving a natural and durable look. There are multiple dental materials that we utilise to accommodate the variations in dental cavities.

Dental Fillings in Kalyan Nagar

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Small cavities

For patients presenting with small cavities Glass ionomer cement is most often used. This material is a fluoride-releasing material that lowers the risk of any future decay. Glass ionomer cement possesses excellent protective properties. It is slightly weaker than the material used in larger cavities, however, if over time the restoration is wearing down or chipped away further materials can be applied with simplicity.

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All sizes of cavities

Composite resin is the most common restorative material used in modern dentistry. It is used to repair cavities of all sizes and provides patients with excellent aesthetics and functional capacity. Patients must practice good home oral care once the procedure is complete as over time composite resin can become stained or chipped just like a regular tooth. Further repair to restorations created with composite resin is often simple as long as the new decay has not formed around the cavity. It is important to have regular check-ups with your dentist for this reason.

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Larger sized cavities

Large-sized cavities are often best treated using composite/porcelain onlay. This material combines strength and beauty in one. Aesthetically, there are minimal differences when the material is compared to composite resin and glass ionomer cement. However, it is the material’s durability that sets it at the forefront of restorative procedures in modern dentistry.

Glass Ionomer Cement/GIC

Glass Ionomer Cement was developed as a “smart” material that is fluoride-releasing and self-adhesive to the tooth structure. It is often used as a base or liner at the base of a deep cavity, or in shallow/early decays. It is a great material for patients with high-decay risks as it releases fluoride to resist new decay.

Dental Fillings in Kalyan Nagar

Composite Resin

Composite Resin is a highly versatile dental restorative material that can be used in just about all situations. It consists of a resin matrix with microscopic/nano ceramic particles embedded in it. It is more wear-resistant than GIC, and more aesthetic than both GIC and amalgam.

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