Get a Broken Tooth Treated to Avoid Complications

Get a Broken Tooth Treated to Avoid Complications

Fixing a broken tooth right away is important. This dental damage may seem like nothing more than a cosmetic problem, but it can lead to terrible consequences. Seeing a dentist sooner rather than later can provide immediate relief. If you want to find out the treatments for a broken tooth and its complications, here are the details. best dental clinic near me in Kalyan Nagar


Broken tooth treatments

Dental damage can weaken the enamel layer of the tooth. In some cases, the injury exposes the dentin, making the tooth painful and sensitive. That is why immediate treatment is necessary. The dentist can offer many options to correct the damaged tooth. The following are the most common ways to treat a broken tooth. best dental clinic near me in kammanahalli



This treatment involves placing thin porcelain veneers to cover the front side of the affected tooth. This popular cosmetic solution covers the damage. It also protects and strengthens the tooth. Getting custom veneers takes one to two dental visits. best dental clinic near me in rt Nagar


Dental crown

The dentist will recommend this treatment if a large part of the tooth has broken off, exposing much of the dentin. The dentist will need to examine the tooth if the damage has reached the jawbone. If it has, the dentist will extract the tooth and replace the natural tooth with an artificial one. The dentist will perform root canal treatment if the damage has only reached the pulp. Then, a custom dental crown will go over the treated tooth. It will take two to three visits to complete the treatment. best dental clinic near me in Frazer town


Dental bonding

This treatment is the fastest treatment for a broken tooth. The dentist will use a composite material to cover the damaged area. This will improve the tooth’s appearance right away. A curing light will harden the bonded area. Then, the dentist will shape and polish it. This treatment can finish in one dental visit. The best dental clinic near me is mg road


Dental implant

This is a long procedure for a severely broken tooth. The dentist will recommend this procedure if the damage reaches the jawbone. Removing the tooth will be necessary. Then, the dentist will place a titanium dental screw. This will replace the dental root. Then, the artificial tooth will attach to the rod, completing the dental tooth replacement. best dental clinic near me in Shivaji Nagar


Factors affecting the broken tooth treatment

The dentist will examine the affected tooth first. Choosing the treatment will depend on different factors. The severity of the tooth damage and the patient’s general health are top considerations. Insurance or budget also plays a role in determining the right type of treatment. The dentist will also consider the patient’s aesthetic preference. The last one would be the patient’s tolerance for dental work. best dental clinic near me in Sadashiv Nagar


Possible complications from a broken tooth

Perhaps most noticeably, a chipped or cracked tooth can be very unsightly, especially if it is located toward the front of the mouth. Teeth that suffer this type of injury will likely discolor in the future. Many people are motivated to have a broken tooth fixed just for appearance’s sake. However, dental health issues can also arise from this type of tooth damage. The best dental clinic near me in cunningham road


Discomfort and sensitivity

Tooth damage hurts, especially if it is due to trauma or sudden impact. However, the pain may not subside over time. For some people, the pain and sensitivity continue to worsen until it is treated. Chronic or severe dental pain can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks, inhibits restful sleep, and can lessen the patient’s overall quality of life. The best dental clinic near me in Vasanth Nagar


Tooth decay

A broken tooth weakens the enamel. This also deprives the tooth of a complete protective shield around its internal tissues. Bacteria can now penetrate much more easily than before, and decay can occur at a rapid pace. Decay can also worsen the pain caused by the initial damage and can even spread to nearby teeth, resulting in more dental work down the road. best dental clinic near manyata techpark



The passageways for bacteria are now wide open if a dental chip or crack is severe. Patients can develop a dental infection. This type of problem may require a root canal at a minimum. In severe cases, it could lead to an abscessed tooth, which could go through an extraction. Infections are serious no matter where they occur in the body and can lead to dangerous complications in a short period. best dental clinic near me in Hrbr layout


Having a broken tooth treatment can improve your dental and general health

A broken tooth is a serious injury and should be treated right away to maintain good dental health. Otherwise, you could be dealing with difficult but preventable side effects that could impact the beauty and function of your smile. There are many treatment options available. Your dentist can help you choose which treatment is right for your needs. best dental clinic near me in banaswadi



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