Orthodontic Treatment VS Conventional Dental Methods

Orthodontic Treatment VS Conventional Dental Methods

Orthodontic Over Conventional Dental Method

Orthodontic Over Conventional Dental Method

Apart from Orthodontic treatment, there are several other treatment options available to treat tooth anomalies including crowns, veneers & laminates. However, these methods require the removal of some part of the tooth structure making it an extremely painful and tedious process. Orthodontics however does not need any kind of removal of the tooth structure and is a painless process.

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Also, crooked, or misaligned teeth allow food particles to accumulate in between two teeth making them extremely difficult to clean up. Orthodontics proves beneficial as such problems are easily rectified via simple procedures.

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Aligned teeth and proper jaw structure make it easier to maintain the overall health of gums and teeth whilst avoiding cavities, plaque, and other dental issues. Orthodontic treatment greatly reduces the occurrence of wear and tear of the tooth structure due to crossbite not to mention the improved sense of self-esteem you feel when you get compliments for your smile from your peers.

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In conclusion, Orthodontic treatment works way better than any other form of dental treatment.

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What are the tools used by Orthodontists to correct your teeth?

Orthodontists have certain specific tools such as Orthodontic brackets, wires, elastics, springs, rubber bands, etc., for correcting alignment, bridging gaps & restructuring the jaw. Orthodontic treatment or braces cost in Bangalore depends upon the complexity of the case and the skill set involved.

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