Root Canal Treatment In Bangalore

Root Canal Treatment In Bangalore

Root Canal Treatment In Bangalore

Root Canal Treatment In Bangalore

A root canal (endodontic therapy) is a dental treatment for infections in the tooth pulp, the innermost layer of your teeth. Your endodontist in Bangalore will provide you with all the information required to help you make the right choice for your dental treatment,

Professional Root Canal Service

We know no one wants a root canal treatment, but they are often necessary to save or strengthen a diseased tooth. At his Quintessence dental clinic in Bangalore, Dr. Gaurav Ghosh has performed thousands of root canals throughout his 15+ years of practice. With his excellent skills and calm, gentle manner, Dr. Gaurav Ghosh can make sure that his root canal procedures are as simple and painless as possible.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore

You must understand some of the warning signs that you might need a root canal. If you’re uncertain of any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact our dental clinic in Bangalore. You may be facing a root canal, if you have experienced – or are experiencing – any of the following symptoms of infection:

  • Fever
  • Pain when chewing or eating
  • Sensitivity to atmospheric and/or food and beverage temperatures
  • Bitter taste in the mouth or foul odor to the breath
  • Swollen glands in the neck
  • General discomfort, uneasiness or feelings of illness
  • Redness accompanied with a swelling of the gums
  • Swelling in the region(s) of the upper and/or lower jaw
  • An open, seeping or draining sore on the side of the gum

How a Root Canal is performed

The following steps outline how a root canal is performed in our dental clinic in Bangalore. If you’d like more information about this procedure, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can also provide you with details on our other dental treatments in Bangalore.

  1. A  local anesthetic is provided to the patient
  2. The infected tooth is isolated from saliva and other contaminants
  3. The crown of the tooth is opened to remove the infected pulp
  4. The affected roots are cleaned and shaped and in some cases treated with medication to eliminate bacteria
  5. A temporary filling is placed inside the crown to protect the tooth
  6. Antibiotics may be prescribed in cases when the infection has spread beyond the roots
  7. Another appointment is scheduled and the patient is given time to heal
  8. The temporary filling is removed at the second visit
  9. The root channel is permanently filled and sealed
  10. A permanent filling is used to restore the tooth

Root Canal Treatment In Bangalore

The tooth is then restored with a crown or filling. Crowns can be made from several materials. The type chosen depends on where the tooth is located in your mouth, the amount of natural tooth left, your preferences, and your dentist’s judgment about what is best for you.

When properly restored, a tooth with a root canal filling can last for many years. But, like any other tooth, it can become decayed or fractured or the tissue around it can get gum disease. Daily cleanings and regular dental exams will help keep your mouth healthy, whether you’ve had root canal treatment or not. Visit us today for the best Root Canal Treatment In Bangalore.

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