Myths about Root Canal Treatments

Myths about Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments in Bangalore

MYTH 1: RCTs require multiple or lots of visits to the dentist

Most RCTs can be performed in one or two visits unless there’s a huge infection.

MYTH 2: It is better to have a tooth extracted

It’s always a better choice to try and save your natural tooth rather than getting it removed. Artificial teeth don’t offer the same level of function that your natural teeth do, limiting what you can eat and those alternatives are much more expensive.

MYTH 3: Pregnant women can’t have root canal treatment

Pregnant women do have RCT. Nowadays all the X-rays are digital and radiation exposure is minimal. The anesthetics that dentists use are safe for pregnant women and we have drugs that are given as completely safe post-treatment medications.

MYTH 4: If the tooth doesn’t hurt, there is no need for an RCT

While an acute, throbbing toothache usually results in the need for root canal treatment, many times there can be no pain present in case the pulp of the tooth is infected for a long time resulting in a non-vital pulp that needs an urgent RCT.

MYTH 5: There is no need for a crown after an RCT

After the pulp of the tooth is removed it becomes very brittle and dry. Having a crown will protect your tooth from fracturing.


The treatment is pocket-friendly and not very expensive.

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