Root Canal VS Extraction: Which Is Better?

Root Canal VS Extraction: Which Is Better?

Root Canal VS Extraction

Our specialized team at Quintessence- The best Dental Clinic in Kalyan Nagar and the Best Dentist near Cunningham Road, Bangalore, helps patients preserve their natural teeth and avoid extraction. Find out more about the reasons that a root canal is preferred over tooth extraction whenever possible.

Root Canal VS Extraction

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Long-term solution:

In a root canal treatment, the damaged and diseased pulp is removed and the empty canal is sealed to prevent infection. Next, a crown is placed to protect the repaired tooth so it can function normally.

In contrast, after a tooth extraction, it is often necessary to get an artificial tooth replacement, such as an implant or bridge, to maintain normal oral function.

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Functional advantage:

Tooth removal creates gaps in your gums. Losing a tooth and its roots affects the health of your gums and mouth. During normal chewing, your teeth stimulate your jawbone to release nutrients that regenerate the bone. Tooth extraction leaves a hole in your gumline that does not receive the stimulation necessary to renew the bone under the gap.

Less discomfort:

A root canal is less invasive than a tooth extraction because removing a tooth requires surgery below the gumline.

Post-procedure pain with a root canal is also less than that which typically occurs after an extraction. In addition, recovering from a root canal is often accomplished in less time than the recovery required for extraction.

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Sp now you know which is better when it comes to Root Canal VS Extraction? Visit us to know more.

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