Invisalign Uses Less Force than Braces During Teeth Straightening

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Invisalign Uses Less Force than Braces During Teeth Straightening

The benefits of straightening teeth

The benefits of straightening teeth

Less discomfort

Braces require metal bands, brackets, wires, and rubber bands to straighten teeth. The nature of these appliances can make them feel uncomfortable against the soft tissues of the mouth. These apply forces, which combine during regular adjustments causing pain and discomfort for several days after appointments.

Invisalign® trays are made from a comfortable, lightweight material that does not irritate the gums, lips, or cheeks. The trays are replaced with a brand-new set every few weeks for the duration of treatment to help maintain a consistent, gradual shift toward proper alignment. This allows patients to avoid the abrupt pressure changes that braces often require, resulting in less pain and discomfort after appointments and throughout the treatment process.

Faster results

The technology behind Invisalign® allows for more precision from start to finish. Aligner trays more evenly distribute a smaller amount of force on all teeth rather than exerting excess pressure on individual teeth. This approach often enables patients to complete treatment in a shorter amount of time.

Reduced risks

On rare occasions, the force and tooth movement caused by braces can sometimes lead to root resorption. As a result, a tooth may become loose, and, eventually, a total loss may occur.

Invisalign® treatment is gentler on the teeth and root structures because the aligners use significantly less force than traditional braces. Therefore, the risks for root resorption are lower.

We hope by reading this article you have understood the benefits of straightening teeth.

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