Post-Filling Tooth Pain: Part 2

Post-Filling Tooth Pain: Part 2

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Although uncommon, extreme discomfort after a filling could be an indication of the following conditions:

Irritated Nerve

Tooth nerves are protected by the hard outer layers of the tooth. However, it is possible for tooth nerves to become irritated or inflamed during filling treatments. This sensitivity will subside as the nerve heals from the trauma. It can take a few days or weeks before the nerve returns completely back to normal.

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Incorrect Bite Alignment 

Although dentists do their best to make the filling mimic the patient’s natural tooth structure, sometimes the restoration is slightly taller. This extra height is not obvious to the naked eye but is significant enough to put additional pressure on the teeth when biting down.

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Pulpitis is a condition that causes inflammation deep within the pulp of a tooth. Although pulpitis rarely occurs after a routine filling, it can happen.

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Allergic Reaction

On rare occasions, patients have allergic reactions to filling material or to the latex in the dentist’s gloves.

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When to Call Your Dentist

Mild sensitivity a few days after a filling treatment is very common. You can often alleviate minor discomfort with over-the-counter medication, home remedies, or desensitizing toothpaste. If your pain interferes with your daily routine, contact your dental provider immediately for guidance.

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