Types of orthodontic retainers

Types of orthodontic retainers

Types of Orthodontic Retainers

Fixed orthodontic retainers:

Fixed retainers are appliances attached directly to your teeth. They cannot be removed.
The most common type of fixed dental retainer is a small wire positioned on the backside of the patient’s lower front teeth.

Types of orthodontic retainers

Metallic wire retainer

Types of orthodontic retainers

Glass-fibre retainer

Advantages and disadvantages of fixed retainers:

1) The biggest disadvantage of bonded retainers is that they make it difficult for the patient to brush and floss, increasing the risk for complications such as gum disease, if not maintained clean.
2) The great advantage of bonded retainers is that they cannot be lost or simply not worn, fixed appliances are always in place to perform their duty.

Removable Retainers:

Removable retainers, such as the Essix or Hawleys, are generally put in the mouth at night and taken out in the morning. With a removable retainer, you can take it out and brush and floss your teeth with ease.

Essix retainers are clear plastic vacuum-formed appliances that are made on a cast of the patient’s teeth. They look very similar to Invisalign aligners. They can develop cracks, breaks, or holes, especially if the patient has a tooth-grinding habit. They can also become distorted if exposed to heat.

Types of orthodontic retainers

Essix retainer

Hawley retainers have a design that consists of wires and clasps embedded in a relatively thick plastic body that covers over the roof of the patient’s mouth or else lies along the tongue side of their lower teeth.

Types of orthodontic retainers

Hawley Retainer

Now you know the types of orthodontic retainers you can have. Call today for an appointment with your best orthodontist in Vasanth Nagar.

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