What is digital dentistry and how does it work?

What is digital dentistry and how does it work?

Benefits of using technologies like an intraoral scanner in dentistry:

There are two-pronged benefits of using digital technology in dentistry –

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For patients:

  • Saves time as the patient does not have to spend a lot of time in the clinic. There is simply no need to use impression material. With an intraoral scanner, it takes just 5 minutes to get an accurate image.
  • Safe and accurate as the scanner does not emit any harmful radiation and produces a scan by capturing the exact contours of your teeth.
  • Comfort and convenience as the patient does not have to sit for, holding a rubber-like material in the mouth. This often led to uncomfortable situations like choking or gagging.

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For dentists:

  • The technology allows a dentist to take scans of the mouths of patients in a matter of minutes thereby saving time.
  • The process is highly accurate for it leverages advanced 3D video technology to capture the exact contours and shape of the teeth. By obtaining the correct dimensions of the patient’s teeth, the dentist can offer the right treatment.
  • If the dentist is not happy with the impressions, he or she can recapture the same without repeating the whole process.

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  • The patients get a sense of receiving the best treatment with high-end technology thereby increasing trust in the dentist.
  • The dentist can save costs on purchasing the impression material, and ship, and store the same.

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So now you know what is digital dentistry and how it works but to know more about this visit us today.

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