Zirconia Dental Crowns in Bangalore

Zirconia dental crowns

Zirconia Dental Crowns in Bangalore

Zirconia dental crowns

Zirconia dental crowns are caps that cover a tooth or a dental implant. When it comes to the materials that crowns are made of, you have several possible options, including ceramic and metal. Another option that’s now available for some people is a Zirconia crown, which is much stronger than regular ceramic crowns.

Zirconia dental crowns are made from zirconium dioxide, a very durable type of metal that’s related to titanium, although it’s categorized as a type of ceramic crown.

Zirconia dental crowns

Zirconia dental crowns Benefits

Crowns made of Zirconia are becoming increasingly common, and they do offer some advantages.


One of the biggest advantages of Zirconia is its high strength and durability. Consider how much force your back teeth exert on the food that you chew. Your crowns need to be made of a strong material, so Zirconia may be a good choice for crowns in the back of your mouth.


Zirconia-based crowns fared just as well over 5 years as metal-based crowns, according to Clinical research. It is a well-known fact that crowns made of Zirconia, called monolithic Zirconia crowns, are highly durable and last for more than 15 years in the mouth.


Zirconia is the choice of many dentists for its biocompatibility, which means it’s less likely to provoke the body into producing a reaction or immunological response like inflammation.

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