Best Orthodontist Near Lavelle Road


Best Orthodontist Near Lavelle Road

At Quintessence Dental Clinic, we offer early orthodontic treatment for growing kids to treat
a variety of dental issues found in developing teeth and jaws.

Best Orthodontist Near Lavelle Road

These problems include:

 Crowded, crooked or misplaced teeth.
 Protruding (“sticking-out”) teeth.
 Increased overbite, underbite or crossbite.
 Early or late loss of baby teeth.

The goals of early treatment are to encourage the jaws to develop to the correct size to
make space for all of the permanent teeth and then position the jaws into their correct
position during growth. Delaying treatment until after the majority of growth has occurred
can make it more difficult to correct some orthodontic problems.
Teeth Alignment Near Lavelle Road
What are teeth braces?
Teeth races consist of brackets and wires that are fixed normally to the front of the teeth.
The brackets are designed to grip the teeth and the wires are then tightened and loosened
to move the teeth to the anticipated position.

Who are braces suitable for?
Braces are the most widespread form of treatment for Fixing Misaligned
Teeth near Lavelle Road in Bangalore. Braces can be worn by all ages and are
an orthodontic method used to correct uneven and crooked teeth. It is normally recommended that children only commence the braces treatment when all of their teeth
are permanent, generally around the age of 7 or 8.
How long do I need to wear braces?
The length of braces treatment varies greatly and depends on many factors including
the age, the number of teeth needing to be moved and the patient’s oral health. Treatment
time varies from a few months to years. Treatments of older people is longer due to a
denser jawbone, which means the teeth take longer to move. Despite the need for adults to
wear braces for longer, the final result is always as effective.
Where to start?
If you are interested in early treatment for your child or want a second opinion, then the
the first step is to book a consultation with Dr Krithika Jayaram.
Dental Braces Treatment Near Lavelle Road
At this appointment, we will assess whether early treatment is suitable for your child and if
so, records will be taken to assess your child’s facial and dental development so that a
a specific treatment plan can be made for your child.
Discounts and EMI on Dental Braces Near Lavelle Road
The records process, & first appointment involves an examination of face, teeth and jaw joints,
clinical photographs of teeth, jaws and face, impressions of teeth and dental radiographs to
assess number and position of adult teeth. A second consultation will then be arranged to
discuss the individual treatment plan for your child and answer any questions not covered at
the initial consult.
Call us today on 09886878921, to book an appointment with your Best
Orthodontist Near Lavelle Road- Dr. Krithika M Jayaram and know the
best options available to you for Teeth Straightening near Lavelle

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