Damon Braces Treatment Near Lavelle Road

Damon Braces Treatment

Damon Braces Treatment Near Lavelle Road

Ever wanted a whiter, brighter more youthful-looking smile?

Tooth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to improve the colour of natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your smile.

Damon Braces Treatment

The two most predictable and safe ways to whiten your smile are outlined below.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening

This procedure takes place in the surgery and only takes 60 minutes. After isolating any soft tissue (gums and cheeks), a concentrated whitening gel is applied to the teeth and then activated with a special light which safely whitens the teeth. This method is convenient and is effective in having an immediate result.

Take Home Whitening Kit

This procedure allows you to whiten your teeth at your convenience at home. Special whitening trays are custom-made to fit your mouth. These trays are then filled with a whitening gel and worn daily for 30 minutes for approximately one week or until you have reached your desired shade.

You will receive care instructions for your teeth and trays, and be encouraged to visit your dentist regularly to help maintain a beautiful, healthy, white smile.

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Important to note

Since tooth whitening only works on natural tooth enamel, it is important to evaluate the need for the replacement of any old fillings, crowns, etc.

The effectiveness of treatment varies. Our dentists will examine your teeth to determine if teeth whitening will be a suitable and effective option for you.

Damon Braces Treatment Near Lavelle Road


After braces have adjusted your teeth to their perfect position, retainers are a vital final step in teeth alignment to ensure all your hard work is not undone.

What are retainers?

Retainers are used at the end of orthodontic treatment after braces or dental aligners have been removed. It is very important to wear your retainers to maintain the current position of your teeth.

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What types of retainers are available?

Retainers may be removable or fixed in place. They may be clear plastic or metal and some may even be fixed to the inside surface of your teeth.

Tips for your retainers

  • You should wear your retainers for the time specified. If the retainers are removable, take them out when eating and whenever they are out, place them in their case so they don’t get damaged or lost.
  • Just as you clean your teeth, you need to carefully clean your retainers. The removable retainers are cleaned by brushing them with a toothbrush and toothpaste using warm (not hot) water.
  • You will need to wear your retainers full-time for at least 6 months. After that time, you will need to wear them at night during sleep, to maintain the corrected position of your teeth.
  • Retainers can be broken so take good care of them and treat them gently.

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