Closure Of Gaps Between Teeth

Closure Of Gaps Between Teeth

How to fill the gap between teeth?

How to fill the gap between teeth?

A gap between teeth that is midline diastema is one of the most common oral problems. Many people have gaps especially in their front teeth thus, making an individual conscious about his/her appearance.

To overcome this, aesthetic dentistry comes to play. A conventional approach includes bonding a tooth-colored restoration. It is done in a single-sitting visit and thus increasing the patient’s compliance. It is a painless procedure and does not require any application of local anesthesia.

Veneers are preferred over the conventional approach of tooth-colored restoration. They are tooth-colored laminates that are bonded over the teeth to overcome gaps, tooth decay, crooked teeth, etc., and thus are considered a permanent solution.

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What are its advantages?

  • A permanent solution
  • Hides tooth imperfections
  • A better alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings
  • Takes one sitting
  • Painless procedure

So now you have understood how to fill the gap between teeth but keep in mind when choosing a cosmetic dentist in Bangalore, it is important to consider the expertise of the dentist. This ensures the dentist you choose is using technologies and materials at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry. Furthermore, before and after results will give you a first-hand look at what to expect from your results.

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