TheTooth Fairy Truth

TheTooth Fairy Truth

Is The Tooth Fairy Real?

Around the World: How Other Cultures Celebrate the Tooth Fairy

is the tooth fairy real

  • Burying the Tooth – Kids in Afghanistan bury lost teeth in a mouse hole, while parents in Turkey bury their children’s baby teeth in a place they think will bring their child success.
  • When American kids begin losing their baby teeth they put their lost tooth under their pillow in hopes that the Tooth Fairy will show up to exchange that tooth for a bit of money.
  • Placing It in a Slipper – In the country of South Africa, a lost tooth is placed in a slipper. A magical mouse takes it from the slipper and leaves a gift.
  • Tossing a Tooth – In many countries, such as India, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and China, people toss their teeth over the top of a roof. This tradition dates back centuries to Middle Eastern countries as well.
  • In a Glass – In Argentina, children put missing teeth in a glass by their bed and hope they will get a coin or candy in its place.
  • The Tooth in a Box – Most people in Mexico place a lost baby tooth into a small box next to a child’s bed. The legend is that a magical mouse will come to collect the tooth and leave some coins behind.

Dentists and parents are even starting to use the legend of the Tooth Fairy to encourage better oral hygiene, promoting the idea that a cleaner tooth gets a better reward. So now you know is the tooth fairy real or not, but still, if you have any issues with your teeth you can visit the best dentist in Bangalore.

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