What Is Tooth Decay? Part 4

Treatments For Tooth Decay

What Is Tooth Decay? Part 4

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What Are the Treatments for Cavities and Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay and cavities can be treated in a variety of ways. Let’s see the treatments for tooth decay.

Treatments For Tooth Decay

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Treatments with Fluoride

A fluoride treatment might help the enamel heal itself if you have early tooth decay.


If you have a normal cavity, your dentist will remove the decayed tooth tissue and then fill it with a filling substance to restore the tooth.

Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure that removes the roots of the tooth. A root canal may be required if the tooth has been damaged and/or infection has progressed to the pulp (inside the tooth).

Your dentist will clean the inside of the tooth and remove the decayed pulp. The next step is to place a temporary filling in the tooth.

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 Then you will have to return for a permanent filling or a crown (a cover on the tooth).

Tooth Extraction (Pulling Out the Tooth)

When the pulp damage is too severe to repair, your dentist may recommend pulling out the tooth.

To replace the missing tooth, your dentist will recommend a bridge or dental implant. Otherwise, the teeth on either side of the gap may shift and alter your bite.

Treatments For Tooth Decay

Have you seen crooked teeth in your child’s smile or noticed some baby teeth not falling out when they should? It might be time to think about orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about getting straight teeth. It’s also about your child’s overall oral health. Sometimes, teeth that are not in the right place can lead to premature wear on other teeth.

Another good thing about getting teeth straightened is it makes oral hygiene easier.

Early Orthodontic Treatment: What You Need to Know.

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 Starting early intervention can bring many benefits to the treatment of tooth decay.

Improves Dental Health: Aligning teeth properly at a young age helps prevent decay and gum disease. Misaligned teeth make oral hygiene practices a challenge for your child and will increase the risk of plaque buildup, a culprit of dental problems.

Better Jaw Growth: Early intervention guides jaw development, leading to a better facial structure.

Fixes Bite Problems: It helps in correcting bite issues, which can improve eating and speaking.

Boosts Confidence: Straight teeth can make your child feel more confident about their smile.

Shorter Treatment Time: Starting orthodontic treatment for children at a young age can mean a quicker treatment process.

Saves Money: Early treatment can prevent the need for more extensive, costly procedures later and the potential need for tooth extractions.

By tackling issues like crowded teeth, misaligned jaws, or bad habits like thumb-sucking early, you’re setting the stage for a healthier, happier smile for your child.

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