Cleaning and maintenance of dental implants

Cleaning and maintenance of dental implants

ways to maintain of dental implants

Ways to maintain of dental implants

How to properly clean and maintain dental implants?

For several years, dental implants have become a treatment that provides an effective, long-lasting, and safe solution to the loss of any piece. However, for them to last for a long time, it is essential to take exhaustive care of them. Here are some tips about the ways to maintain of dental implants.

The dental implant material used is 100% biocompatible with the body. To prevent dental implants from failing, we recommend that you carry out the following care.

Oral hygiene habits at home

Food can accumulate between the teeth and, with it, create what we call bacterial plaque, an element that is very harmful to oral health.

As a preventive method, it is good to brush your teeth after each meal for a duration of around two minutes. At the end of brushing, it is advisable to use dental floss to adequately clean the interproximal spaces. Similarly, it is beneficial to use dental irrigators.

Cleaning of dental implants

It is important to remove the remains of food retained between the teeth or between the teeth and implanted crowns.

Why is it important to clean dental implants?

Cleaning and maintenance of dental implants are essential. Although the most common way is to do it at home, it is essential to go to a professional dentist, both to keep track of them and to clean below the gum.

Otherwise, certain complications could occur, such as The accumulation of bacterial plaque, peri-implantitis, or the failure of the dental implant. In that case, consult your dentist.


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