What are the different types of dentures?

What are the different types of dentures?

What are the different types of dentures?


Each set of dentures is made to fit the unique contours of the individual’s mouth. The dentures are not permanent fixtures in your mouth.

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Three Types of Dentures:

The three types of dentures commonly used are conventional full dentures, immediate full dentures, and partial dentures.

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Conventional full dentures are used as a replacement if all your teeth are either removed or have fallen out. The top portion of the denture is a plate that covers the roof of your mouth. The bottom portion is a horseshoe-shaped piece that fits around your lower gums. To ensure your gums and jawbone heal from any tooth removal, your dentist will wait approximately 8 to 12 weeks before fitting you with your new dentures.

Another type of denture is the immediate full denture. Unlike conventional full dentures, your dentist makes the immediate full denture before removing any remaining teeth. Your new dentures are fitted in your mouth at the same visit when you have your teeth removed. Immediate full dentures are used by a dentist as a temporary device to help the transition before permanent dentures are ready to wear.

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When you have only a few missing teeth, your dentist will often fit you with a Partial denture, in which, the replacement teeth can be connected to your natural teeth with a metal framework using metal clips.

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