What is a crossbite? Signs, effects and treatment

What is a crossbite? Signs, effects and treatment

What is a crossbite?

What is a crossbite?

A crossbite is a misalignment of a tooth or teeth where one or more teeth are positioned irregularly; they’re closer to the cheek or tongue, rather than their ideal position.

Crossbites can prevent jaws from closing properly, making it difficult to eat and speak. The situation can even have psychological effects and may cause you to lose your confidence.

Effects Of Crossbite:

Crossbite doesn’t only disorientate your smile and lip region but can cause other problems, too. These include:

  • Severe Headaches: Crossbites are closely linked to headaches, not only in adults but children as well. Teeth are not only used for chewing but to support your facial muscles as well. When your jaws aren’t properly aligned, it puts a strain on the jaw muscles and joints which are linked with nerves that go to the brain. This causes headaches. Moreover, these nerves also run down our neck and shoulders and may cause severe pain in those regions.
  • Tooth Decay: It’s difficult to brush misaligned teeth due to their shape and position. Not being able to brush and floss properly can lead to tooth decay as it’s easy for bacteria to hit a tooth that isn’t cleaned

Treatment Options For Crossbites:

  • Tooth Extraction: If there’s only a single tooth that’s misaligned due to overcrowding then tooth extraction can be done. It’s a painful process that can be made simpler with the use of anesthesia.
  • Braces: Rapid Maxillary Expander can be used to correct this condition.

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